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Miss Nancy Minds Their Manners ise an earnest and heartfelt documentary film that provides entertaining and refreshing insight into the role and importance of manners, especially those with the charm of southern gentility and hospitality. The film features a truly delightful Southern character, 74 year old "Miss Nancy" Rascoe who for the past 12 summers has held a weeklong overnight manners camp for boys and girls in her lovely 200 hundred year old historic home in rural Hertford, NC. It's a camp experience like no other, in a setting from an era gone by and filled with a dynamic mix of cultural and sporting activities.
The candid and often rambunctious campers help reveal Miss Nancy as a one-of-a-kind charismatic Southern lady who's both charming and captivating. With abundant patience, and unknowing humor, she and her vibrant camp staff share not only the finer technical points to correct etiquette, but the underlying meaning and purpose of it all as well.

The film reflects on how manners and being polite and respectful are deeply rooted in southern culture. It will provoke thought on how unfortunately in the busy lives of families today we are loosing the important 'art' of good etiquette. Communication, simple gestures, and even the subtleties of small courtesies are being forgotten perhaps lost. Miss Nancy, with passion and zest, not only teaches the proper ways to act, she gives the history and reason for the code of behavior as well. We see the children blossom with confidence and pride
Teaching manners continues all year, as the film will show Miss Nancy in classes at the nearby public middle school, imparting her wisdom to a diverse student population. Through Miss Nancy’s sincere kindness and interest in people, the film will reveal that good manners move beyond traditional stereotypes of formality and social class often associated with etiquette. Miss Nancy gives all of her students a better understanding of how positively good manners affect others, as well as themselves. Southern hospitality shines through all the valuable lessons that the children can take with them throughout life.

The film's story will also be highlighted with interviews of campers, the camp staff, parents, local school faculty, Miss Nancy, and her grandchildren.

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Miss Blue
Rest In Peace

"Miss Blue", Marion Paxton Jones, a main character in this documentary film, passed away unexpectedly December 31, 2010, of a heart attact in Chowan County. She was well known and beloved by all who knew her and a dear friend to Miss Nancy and Mr. Peter. She assisted them with their Bed and Breakfast and with various manners lessons to the many children who attended the manners camps. Also well known for her music, she directed several choirs and probably entertained for nearly every important event in the area for nearly 20 years.While visiting family in New York in 1947, she performed on stage at the famous Apollo Theater in along with James Brown; both won the amatueure contest for young performers; Blues parents made sure she came home to finish school and James went on the become a big star.



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