Caroline Paxton and Martha Daniel on
Miss Nancy's dock on the Perquimans River

Martha Daniel, Producer and Director
Caroline Paxton, Creative Director & Writer
David Morley, Film Editor

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Our Vision for Miss Nancy

We will consider our job well done if, at the end of this documentary, the audience has a deeper knowledge of a person the likes of whom they probably have never met in their life, and more than likely never will. We hope you will be captivated by Nancy Rascoe’s unknowing humorous charm, moved by her rich southern grace, and humbled by her genuine kindness, love of children, competitive spirit and strong faith. Perhaps the film will inspire people to re-think the role of manners in today’s world as the spunky cast of manners campers and students delve into social etiquette beyond what parents teach today. You’ll see and hear how what Miss Nancy instills in these children runs deeper than just the word ‘etiquette’ implies and how it helps build character and confidence..

Unfortunately, this film will not have enough time to delve into and show Miss Nancy visiting the prisoners at the local jail as she does each week, or body surfing in the strong Nags Head waves, or have her give her detailed account of being nurse to baby pigs, cutting their tails and teeth when she and her husband ran the hog farm. Her life story certainly is a rich one. But what our film will show we believe will be truly entertaining and enlightening, striking a familiar cord with true southerners, and sharing rich insight to those who are not. Above all, hopefully it will touch the hearts of those who value a truly special character, one that we can all admire and treasure.


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