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"What a delightful TREASURE this is and will be....& a timeless, gracious message for young and old of all regions of our country to not let good manners fade away. Can't wait to see the final film, and
look forward to updates on the production as you both make you way there!
Kate H., Rocky Mount, NC

"I knew you were working on this, but WOW….. it goes without saying that I am so very proud of you
…and always have been….How wonderful this is! …..two of my favorites of all time working together on a new, exciting venture…. Is it too late to send Nelle (age 24) to Miss Nancy's??????"
Eddie B, Rocky Mount, NC

"Are there any Miss Nancys or Miss Blue's in the next generations? Thank you for saving them for the future. I want to go to camp and I want my children to go to camp. "
Mary K. W, Richmond, VA

 "I just had an opportunity to go online and see your documentary.  It's wonderful!  Actually, I felt that I had gone back in time.  I know I would have enjoyed Miss Nancy's camp. Thanks for doing this. We are rapidly losing some of the gentler sides of life in Eastern North Carolina, things that you and I enjoyed. 
At least through your documentary, some of that is preserved
Laura E., Rocky Mount, North Carolina

"Can't wait to see the final trailer!"
TJ, Cleveland, Ohio

"I was captivated by what I saw and read and look forward to keeping up with this great
project and seeing the finished documentary".

M Morton, Richmond, Virginia

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      • The DeLeon Carter Foundation (2009-10)

    We're very appreciative and heartened
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